About Us

• May 16, 2020

This is Guodong Subs, bringing you donghua (Chinese animation) with English subtitles.
This is Guodong (Jelly) Subtitle Group (Guodong Subs).
We are a non-profit, interest-driven group, working mainly to translate Chinese animation into English and spread Chinese animation.

这里是果冻字幕组(Guodong Subs)。

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you get paid for doing subtitles?

Guodong Subs is a non-profit group formed solely by a common interest in translation and subtitling. We do not monetize our translations and will not accept any form of payment for our projects.

Do you work with animation studios?

Most of our work are fansubs, but we do try to work with animation studios whenever possible.

Why do you take so long to update?

All of our translations go through a rigorous subtitling process including manual translation and at least a round of proofreading and quality check. While we do tend to take anything between a week to a month to produce an episode, we always try to adhere to our update schedule whenever we publish a new series. Hopefully you'll find the wait worthwhile!

I'm interested to join! How do I apply?

Come find us at our Discord! Or drop us an email at, we will reply shortly.